Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Non-Corrupt Diabetes Association

Disappointed with the leadership provided by diabetes organizations around the world, I have founded my own group, the Non-Corrupt Diabetes Association.

A little about me.

The better world I seek is one in which diabetics, regardless of type, aren’t told to eat carbohydrates.  Diabetes is, after all, the inability to process carbohydrates.  Yet nearly all health providers in general, and diabetes organizations specifically, advocate a diet consisting primarily of carbohydrates.  Why?  Well, there are millions of reasons why; the American Diabetes Association, the most influential diabetes treatment guidelines author, receives millions of dollars a year from pharmaceutical companies.  The World Diabetes Foundation was founded and receives 90% of their yearly funding from Novo Nordisk, which makes most of its $100,000,000,000 DKK yearly income from diabetes care.  What diet do you suppose they advocate?

Let me spell it out for you: true, a type one diabetic will have to take some insulin to control their blood sugar regardless of their diet, however, the more carbohydrates they eat, the more insulin they will have to take.  The unfortunate reality of this disappointing conflict of interest is that the de facto customers of the ADA, WDF, and others, are insulin manufacturers, not diabetics.

And while the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation does not provide diet or treatment advice to diabetics, its chapters are free to fund their events as they see fit.  Here's a picture of a recent JDRF promotion.  Does that seem right to you?

There are some people that do well eating carbohydrates and taking matching insulin doses.  But the vast majority of diabetics would be better served by not raising their blood sugar to begin with by not eating carbohydrates, or severely restricting them, hence, taking much less insulin.  It isn’t illegal, immoral, or unethical, but it is a conflict of interest to take money from manufacturers, let alone treatment providers, and then turn around and recommend their products to patients.

To that end, I’ve founded the Non-Corrupt Diabetes Association which makes a difference in the lives of diabetics and their loved ones without regard to third parties.  There are zero conflicts of interest.  Feel free to join the group on Facebook.  

For more information please feel free to read a past blog post, a book I wrote, or posts on the Facebook site.

Best wishes… - lc